Medical professionals who provide individualized, accessible, high quality care for people with the disease of addiction

Robert Simpson, MD 

FASAM Diplomat ABIM 

Owner and Medical Director

Utah Addiction Medicine 

Medical Consultant to Utah State Division of Substance Abuse and Mental Health 

Adjunct Assistant Professor of Psychiatry, University of Utah 

Whitnee Walker, RN


Linda Lewis, PA-C

APC Internist

Jen Melcomian, FNP-BC


Mary Ella



Artwork generously donated by Kathy Simpson 


"If you are needing medication assisted treatment this is the best place." ~Trenton

"From DR., to PA, and staff have always gone just one step further than other programs that I have experience with. They have displayed kindness the likes of which I have never seen. I have 20 plus years in and out of treatment. I wish that wasn't the case. I am grateful for where I have landed." ~Brad

Smart, compassionate, and thorough medical care for people in recovery. I recommend this place 100%. We're lucky to have Dr. Simpson here in UT. ~Daniel

Dr. Simpson has been absolutely wonderful with me and my husband he's been a big part of our recovery and I think he's amazing I would recommend him to anybody. ~Jodie

"There's a saying 'hurt people, hurt people' But I never hear the opposite. 'Healed people, heal people.' Get healed and then go heal." - @theblacksheepsurvives ✨ This man [Dr. Simpson] has dedicated his life to love those that feel unlovable... I’m so glad he is committed to helping others climb their way out of the darkest caves of self-hatred." ~Fesler Films Photography
The staff in this office are the definition of caring addication treatment. They understand the disease, are knowledgeable, and for me personally they have gone out of their way to ensure I get the help I need. ~Michael