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Medical Assessment

We are accurately able to assess the severity of an individual’s circumstances and formulate a plan of care which is mutually agreeable.

Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT)

Judicious use of medications to enhance a person’s ability to remain engaged in recovery.  Common medications for substance use disorders are naltrexone and buprenorphine. 

Evidence Based Practice

Certified addiction medicine clinicians, providing science-based treatment, in a recovery sensitive environment. 

Outpatient Detox

Compassionate medical detox for the person with physical dependence on alcohol and other drugs.


“It is reasonable to include as “in recovery” formerly dependent individuals taking a prescribed medication as directed for the treatment of  their dependence. This logic holds, even if the medication has an abuse liability, as long as the medication is taken strictly as prescribed… Prescribed medications presently approved for the treatment of substance dependence include disulfiram, acamprosate, naltrexone, buprenorphine, and methadone—again, when taken as prescribed and when the other elements of the definition are also met.”

(2010) ‘What Is Recovery? Revisiting the Betty Ford Institute Consensus Panel Definition’, Journal of Groups in Addiction & Recovery, 5: 1, 89 — 93 

 Who are we?

Our organization is a founded by a group of medical professionals who believe in providing high quality and compassionate medical care for people with the disease of addiction. We are Addiction Medicine and other mental health specialists who understand addiction and have passion for helping patients find recovery from it. 

We believe that, whenever possible, addiction treatment should be provided in an outpatient setting with as little disruption to patients’ lives as possible.  

 In order to do this, we have created a warm and friendly medical clinic that is devoted to caring for people with addiction. 

 What do we do?   

 Our aim is to provide complete medical care for people who have addictive disorders. We know that people with addiction often have complex medical and psychiatric conditions. Our aim is to meet our patients needs in one setting that is familiar and easy to access.  

 We can work in conjunction with a patient’s primary care provider if that is preferable, or we can provide primary care services if necessary. We also have the ability to provide womens’ health services including routine care as well as contraception. 

Do we provide psychiatric services? 

We have placed a special emphasis on providing excellent psychiatric care. Many people with addictions have other behavioral health concerns such as depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, post-traumatic stress disorder to name a few.  

It is critical to address these issues in order to give patients the best chance of succeeding. In order to do this, we have a psychiatrist as well as psychiatric nurse practitioner on our staff. These professionals work in close conjunction with our other providers to coordinate care. 

What is medication assisted treatment?  

 Quite simply medication assisted treatment refers to the careful use of medications to help a patient overcome addiction. This can take a number of forms. Medications can be used to treat mental health issues. In addition, using non-habit forming medications to treat other problems such as pain, or difficulties with sleep can be vitally important. There are also a variety of medications that can be used to help with cravings and block the effects of drugs. We can provide a full range of medications to treat opioid addiction after a careful consultation.  

Assessment for treatment services 

Many people with addictions want to get involved in a treatment or recovery process, but they don’t know where to begin. In these situations, we can help by providing a careful assessment of medical needs as well as other life circumstances. Through this process we can help formulate a care plan that is custom tailored. If services are needed that we don’t provide, we can provide recommendations and referrals to people who do. We have worked with many individual providers and treatment centers in our community and can help point our patients toward treatment services that are a good fit for them.    

 Medical Detox 

 If, as a result of our assessment, we determine that detox services are necessary; we can help. In many instances, detox can be safely and comfortably achieved on an outpatient basis. If an inpatient detox is medically necessary, we can make  a referral to an appropriate facility  

 Continuing care after treatment    

 In many instances, a period of residential treatment can be extremely helpful. All too often people leave residential care feeling great, but have nowhere to go to get their medications prescribed and continue the work that they have started. In some instances, patients are worried that their doctor doesn’t understand addiction, or may have been a source for medications that contributed to the problem. 

We believe that we can provide an important service to patients by providing this care. 

Addiction is a chronic disease. That means that it is not cured by going to treatment. Instead, addiction requires careful management over time. We aim to provide this sort of medical care for patients in a recovery sensitive environment.   



"There's a saying 'hurt people, hurt people' But I never hear the opposite. 'Healed people, heal people.' Get healed and then go heal."  @theblacksheepsurvives.

"Dr. Simpson has dedicated his life to love those that feel unlovable. I'm glad he is committed to helping others climb their way out of the darkest caves of self-hatred. "

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" Simpson and his nurses are seriously the best. They show compassion and they show that they truly care about helping."


"If you are needing medication assisted treatment this is the best place."


"From DR., to PA, and staff have always gone just one step further than other programs that I have experience with. They have displayed kindness the likes of which I have never seen. I have 20 plus years in and out of treatment. I wish that wasn't the case. I am grateful for were I have landed."